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Team of Advisors

Chris Redlitz

Chris has been on the forefront of emerging technologies since the commercialization of the web and a successful adviser and investor for the last two decades in Silicon Valley. Early in his career, Chris worked for Reebok Int’l and continues to pursue his passion for fitness as an avid cyclist. Chris co-founded The Last Mile, the first technology entrepreneurship and coding program taught in a US prison, currently in San Quentin State Prison.

Marcus Siegel

Marcus helped create Digital Branding and Marketing products for Facebook and now works as a Product Design consultant for the world's most innovate startups in the heart of Silicon Valley. His lifelong passion for Health and Wellness has lead to deep relationships with the athletic and arts communities in San Francisco, and he is excited to bring these two passions together to help Healthy Hearts achieve our potential.

Eric Toda

Eric Toda who currently leads Global Digital Brand Marketing at Airbnb, is a seasoned marketer within the tech industry having been employed by Facebook, Nike, Snapchat, and now Airbnb. Growing up in the Bay Area, Eric is deeply passionate about sharing the stories of the community he's from through innovation, empathy, and creativity. HHI empowers all three.

Our Partners

Who wouldn't like to participate in something where you can grow your own food and feed yourself.

Calvin McKinley

New Homes Resident

I can’t wait to grow my own food and use them in my recipes.

Aqeel Kil DaDa Sabir

El Pueblo Resident

When I was a kid, my grandmother grew collard greens and tomatoes. I look forward to growing my own.

Al Lee

El Pueblo Resident


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“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in”. ~Author Unknown